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Happy 3rd Birthday, Parker!

Dear Parker,

I can’t believe you are THREE!!!

There is no way I can ever tell you how much I love you. How much my heart aches and stretches and smiles with watching you grow. But I will show you. I will show you every beautiful day of your life how much I love you!


Three years of nights with your warm little body pressed into my back as you breathe deeply and dream.


Three years of laughter–your head tilted back and your bright spirit released with that beautiful smile.


Each year, each day, each moment, you bloom more beautifully, drawing me in and teaching me more.

And Baby, I’ll never forget this year. This year when I needed you so badly. This year when your presence comforted and guided me through difficult days. This year when you taught me how to keep fighting. You don’t know what you’ve done for me yet but someday, I will tell you all about it!

I will never ever forget this third year of your life. How through most of it, you held my hand. You took care of me when I had surgery. When I was sick, you stayed right by my side, checking my temperature and heart beat like the good doctor you are! Lol! How you rubbed my forehead and told me everything was gonna be okay.

You are a special girl, Parker!

You are my compassionate one, my spirited one, my independent one who likes to find her own way. You are clever and silly, caring and kind. You are my little sunshine and every dream I ever had my entire life about the little girl I wanted can’t compare with the greatness you turned out to be.

Watching you grow is an art. An art I am master of and I will forever study it.

God blessed us with a beautiful, amazing little girl and I know you were hand picked for us, for the world. You are going to do great things, Little One.


I am so blessed to have you. Our whole family is so blessed to have a light like you. Thank you for being the sweet, feisty, bundle of sunshine you’ve always been. Don’t ever lose that light. Thank you for loving so good, so big, so pure.


I didn’t think I could ever love so deep but you are Heaven sent, you little Three Year Old. ❤️

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!!!



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